Thursday, August 02, 2012

Random Photos from June 2011

Random cute pictures from June 2011 that I had to share!

Madelyn was 9 months old & standing while holding on...

This is one of the first times I found Madelyn playing along side her brother in his room--so sweet!

Helping herself to some cereal...

Daddy & Mason headed out for a long bike ride...

Mason's room rearranged with a new shelf.

Playing dollhouse!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Mason's Preschool Graduation Party (June 2011)

 Since they didn't have any type of graduation ceremony at Mason's preschool, I threw together a little party at the park with our family to celebrate and acknowledge this milestone in his life.

 Of course, I had to use a Mason's pretty cool having your name on so many jars out there :)

 It was really hot outside, but we still had fun!

Mason got gifts and cards...I just love this picture of him!

Madelyn was 9 months old then!

Some of the family guests

 My mom & sister decided to give the playground a whirl...

And Grandpa took Mason for a walk in the woods by a pond.
It was a fun, casual party & I'm glad Mason enjoyed it!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mason's Last Day of Preschool (June 2011)

 I can't believe my big boy is about to start first grade! This was his last day of preschool--one he attended for 2 years, starting when he was just 3 years old! It was hard to leave the familiarity and comfort of this school at our church.

Mason with his friend:

 They had a family picnic at the end of the day...

Mason with his teacher

Enjoying a cupcake

Madelyn- 9 months

Backyard Pool Fun (June 2011)

 These cuties had a great time in the blow-up pool!

 This was Madelyn's first time in a pool! (9 months old)
 She even found a lizard to chew on! lol

Day Trips to Fort Smith (June 2011)

My family & I took a couple short trips to Fort Smith to visit my grandmother while she was in a physical rehab facility. (Thus, no photos of her.) My dad was there taking care of her, so we got to meet up with him, have lunch and visit with her. Mason wanted to explore her backyard, so we took a few pictures outside with her pig collection. (Go Hogs!)

Me & Mason

Mom & Mason

Cameron, Angela, & Madelyn

 Mason brought his cars...


Grandma & Grandpa's Pool (June 2011)

We have fun swimming at my in-laws'--the kids love it!  

Madelyn 9 months, Mason 4 1/2 years

 Madelyn really liked the water!