Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Elf on the Shelf

This year, my mom bought Mason his very own Elf. Mason decided to name him "Elfie" (original, huh?) and he became such a fun part of our Christmas each day!

When you have your own elf, he sits somewhere in your house (somewhere up high~he loses some magic every time you touch him!) and observes your Naughty or Nice behavior during the day. Each night your elf flies home to the North Pole to report to Santa how you acted that day. He then returns to your house (very sleepy, I'm sure) and finds a new place to perch to oversee the next day's happenings.

Mason's first sentence almost everyday was "Let's go see where Elfie is!" He would look all around and be so excited when he spotted him.
Although Elfie is back at the North Pole until next Christmas (and we miss him), I'm so glad he will be part of our Christmas tradition for years to come!

Here's just a few of the places we spotted him:

Our favorite place to find Elfie~Looks like he likes Razorbacks!

See you next year, Elfie!

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Alison said...

Your elf looks a little better behaved than ours. Ours poured flour on the kitchen cabinets, toilet papered the living room, and wadded up newspapers.